Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finalz Week

Hurray tests and stuff!!!

Ich habe ein Mathematiks final, ein Communications Final, und ein deutch final. Alas Klar!

How do you say "final" in German?

Here is a picture I found, I hope you like it, it helped relieve my stress!
Actually playing hard-core fuss ball did!

If you haven't lately check out VERY COOL!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kalispell Ski Club Day #1

The winter season is finally going for me. The Ski Club has begun teaching and its awesome! Check out all of our photos online! Clinic Photos

The snow is still low, but soon it'll blow.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lovely Girl

This is my wonderful girl Natalie :P

The Roomies

These are my mates. Grant, Melissa and Paul.
We live in a house in Whitefish.
Here are there affiliates - Midori and Montana Coffee Traders

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hosting A LAN

So other than studying, working, and goofing around. I am also putting together a large LAN Party in the Flathead Valley

Info can be found on the FVTC Blog Site.

I'm looking for people to help out and people who just want to game!

See you out there!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hitman Trailer

I'm excited for this movie to come. I'm a big fan of the Hitman Trilogy, owning it, and having played them more than once. I'm a bit disappointed on Timothy Olyphant playing Agent 47, he looks to young and in a few trailer shots he doesn't look the part at all. None-the-less, I will watch this movie, probably buy it and wish I had an enormous poster of it. Watch the Trailer!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Alittle Late

I recently re-realized I have a blog I've been neglecting for several days or weeks. So this is an update. I'm bummed I don't have a new picture to show you but I got this new laptop and it doesn't have anything on it!!!! SO soon. College has begun and I'm on my third week. It's been busy, although I've been gaming a lot, and I'm cracking down as hard as I can. I'm studying German, Math, and Interpersonal Relations. Apparently you have to know a sheit load of math in order to have a communications degree. Which hardly makes sense except for a few minor reasons. If I dig around for a minute I might be able to pull one photo up.
This is my roommate Paul and our new friends Allison and Jackie.
Alright so I also moved to Whitefish, MT. Speaking of roommates, Grant M. and Paul V.. So keep in touch cause I'll blog again soon. With new exciting pictures haha.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rocks and emotions inside

All this summer makes you want to get outside. I'm outside everyday around 6am till 3pm. I might be outside even more after that. Although, I am usually hot tubing and swimming at the Summit. My summer feels as though it is wasting away. Yes I'm working hard and making the buck, but the people I miss and long to hang out with are disconnected from me and I seem to be from them. So many good friends in different states as stuck as I am hoping that the other will visit. I thought someone had come back to visit me and spend some of their summer with a past friend, I've realized this isn't true. It sure has been a interesting and tough-in-many-ways Summer. A fair share of parties and memories. I can't wait to be back in college, I'll be proud to move to Missoula. Like a friend said, I need to make friends who want me around for more than what they can get from me. Fuck the people who make you feel like a number, a necessity, a sugar-daddy, and because your not one you are left out. Screw you guys, I'm going home!

Lake Louise
Some of the summer in Canada

Thursday, June 28, 2007


So whats going on? Training Mechanic Level 5 lol. I'm currently working for Virgil, my neighbor who runs a masonary group in the area. I'm a mason! Other than working on websites at night. I've been lifting tons of rock in the past couple days, landscaped two rock stairways, and mixed alot of mortar for a rock wall that Mike and Mike are working on. I'm heading out to Angel Point for the next couple days.

My Dad and I moving rock.

On my way home from work today I ran into none other than Danni strolling down the street(lol putting summer in the air with her good look'n skirt). We hung out for awhile and then I went home to take care of house stuff and clean up(My job is very dirty).

On my free time I've decided to practice riding.

Monday is Nick's Birthday Bash with more than 81 people planning to come. It's going to be insane. I'm sure I'll have pictures. Let me know if you want to come!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wishing More (This Title Makes Little Sense)

Still daylight and Danni is in town. Sweet Florida girl. The short story of us and all its details. Excited, nervous, heart throbbing, rejuvenated. I want people to know what I feel. Waiting for the right moment, couldn't find the right one. Stole my blanket, happier she did. Actung, Actung. Gave her my all, the gift I made. Missing her soon as she has gone.

We were going to update pictures of us together, but because we didn't I made these for fun, jokes on photo shop. Yeah I know they look funny. The second one is actually Woody Allen and Scarlet Johanessen, some of my favorite celebrities.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Drop it like its hot


Check out the new blog about the projects!

For the past couple days I've been doing just that. Terracing a hill, digging a pond and creating dry creek beds. Other than designing all this and doing all the digging, with the inevitable help from my dad, this place is gonna be sweet. I'm still working on talking them into building a swimming pool (probably won't happen). Soon as the sunken hot tub with gazebo is in though, I'm sure I'll forget about the swimming poo. It is in my hope that because I'm doing all this work money is being saved to pay for all the extras. My dad is the kind of dad who comes home from working a full shift and would start on some project until day light is gone, maybe watch a movie and then go to bed. He is always working on something. He says, "At least I'm not out at the bar!" I always say he never drinks anyways.

Other than when he wasn't old enough to drink. Funny story, my sister and I are chilling outside the New Year's party when my dad comes out and tells us drinking is bad for us (both Jonna and I having drinks in our hands). I told him that I heard about all his parties and stuff. He spurts out, "Well I stopped drinking before your age!" (Known lie, but he is trying to be a good role model, got to give him a little credit). I only turned 21 just that year and I was quick to say, "Oh right, so your telling me you went around drinking illegally." Effectively smashing his good role model time down. My sister and I enjoy a good laugh.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

June Turd

After a playful party at my house, graduation for Flathead and a drive-in movie, my sleep amounted to a half hour in almost three days. The playful party has been mildly put. This weekend is carnival at the fairgrounds so with coupons and 15 green backs I may be hitting up rides.

What I find funny in all this is, that I don't have any pictures of the party or anything else that happened this weekend. If you know me you'd understand why.

The number of the day is 15.

Other useless news:
Today on EVE: I bought Rapid Fire and Cruise Missile books

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gamers, Its like this...

"I swear it was this long one time!"
So in my mass interest in military games and combat simulators, I thought you should see some of my passion up front. This blog samples many games I've aligned with over the past years.

Me working in a real tank...

This is Gregory, he flies that stealth plane that you see behind him. When I'm on the ground he protects me. Don't mess with him!

Raylor Magicbane, used for several games but particularly Lineage II. "FTO LMIL" = "FOR THE ORDER LONG MAY IT LIVE" Our guild leader came up with it. All my characters reminded me of perverted dwarves.. Well because I hooked him up with all the elven ladies, and a few of the dwarven ones...

The same guild leader that kept us together when I use to play Star Wars Online, until it got stupied and we all quit. Excuse my language but HOLY FUCK that was such a fun game before they took a huge shit on it. I could talk for at least an hour on the accomplishments I made playing that game.

Now most gamers who've played me know me as Skywalker, SkywalkerOnline, FireSkywalker. In the case of the Battlefield series, 1942, 2142, BF2, and special forces, and the Joint Operations series which is probably one of the best FPS for realism around until NovaLogic sold it and it got shelved. This computer I'm using now. It was built on beating newbs playing Battlefield 1942. Hurray for Tournys!

Alright just a few more games to mention! Ultima Online, the 2d game where I joined the Knights of the Round Table guild. Who knows what my character's name was back then. That was a LONG TIME AGO. I remember vaguely being a ranger, lots of pets and people ran away in PVP because my arrows shot straight and true. Or they got in my face and I died.

, although it was a short lived time, I did play the single player stuff and a few times online. Nothing extreme like my cousin who actually made money playing that crazy game.

FreeLancer, I figured it would be worth mentioning. Is anyone still playing this game? It was pretty cool until I graduated and started playing EVE online.

City of Heros, yeah all my heroes were out to be assassins. Kill thy enemies without them knowing. I stopped playing to join a new game shortly before they releaseed City of Villians.

Guild Wars, the cheap gamers rejoice!!! I played this game for quite awhile leveling up and such. Never finished the campaign, I got caught up in fighting in tournaments and then after joining a guild who had their own hall I became leader and left everyone a memo, just after I pretty much stopped playing.

EVE-Online, This is my current online gaming activity. I don't play much, but hurray for skill building when I'm not around. When I do play I get involved in running missions, upgrading ships and fighting for corporations. My characters name is Mister Honz. It came up after a joke my friend Gary and I made. He didn't think I'd actually use it. Haha but I fooled him! I'd quote him if I could remember the title he gave me.

Currently playing, Rome Total War, BF2142, EVE Online, and Titan Quest. Other favorites to mention are River City Online, Super Dodge Ball, Nintendo World Cup, Ice Hockey, Maniac Mansion, the Sims, Knights of the Republic, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Warcraft, Baldur's Gate, Max Payne, Command and Conquer, Quake, Duk'm Nuk'm, Savage, CounterStrike, and Grand Theft Series.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jordans Alive, DJ is Dead ?

Party @ Leih's house :P Rock skipp'n Fun.

So some time this past week I party with a pack of cool friends whom I've been going to college with.

The top half.

I'm digging the colors in this shot. I didn't have much control whether it was blurry or not. That's a pot of compost.

I was going to take my nephew to Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday but they had sold out. We manage to get one ticket from someone, but couldn't find a second. While people were showing up to buy a ticket and leaving in disappointment, we sold our ticket and made some extra money. We went home and watched movies instead. That was my Friday night.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Re-Opened Collection

Thanks to my brother Paul Wisher andNick Spiker
for help in shooting some of these pictures.

FVCC Graduation 2007

Do not let politicians speak at graduation! If you were there, then you know why!!!
Administration please hear out your students!

Now on the other hand, they should have let Luke M. speak at graduation. He at least he fights for Norway, that country rocks, and he's not a politician! This picture is for you M dog. I think that day we claimed the college property under rule of Norway. If your reading this and are a diplomat of Norway please contact us for more information!