Rocks and emotions inside

All this summer makes you want to get outside. I'm outside everyday around 6am till 3pm. I might be outside even more after that. Although, I am usually hot tubing and swimming at the Summit. My summer feels as though it is wasting away. Yes I'm working hard and making the buck, but the people I miss and long to hang out with are disconnected from me and I seem to be from them. So many good friends in different states as stuck as I am hoping that the other will visit. I thought someone had come back to visit me and spend some of their summer with a past friend, I've realized this isn't true. It sure has been a interesting and tough-in-many-ways Summer. A fair share of parties and memories. I can't wait to be back in college, I'll be proud to move to Missoula. Like a friend said, I need to make friends who want me around for more than what they can get from me. Fuck the people who make you feel like a number, a necessity, a sugar-daddy, and because your not one you are left out. Screw you guys, I'm going home!

Lake Louise
Some of the summer in Canada


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