Thursday, August 21, 2008

Urban Golf, Kickball, & More Recess

It has been a couple of weeks but I got around to making a post. I've had lots of time on my hands so I should do something!

Recesstime Sports League has been great. Our Summer 08 Season is over and now for the waiting so this next season starts. This must feel like a teacher not working in the summer so they scramble for another job. Except for me its a few weeks and teachers make more than I do.

I'm almost finished with "Catcher in the Rye", after finishing the book I've decided that I enjoy the writing style. At first I didn't like it but now its...catchy? I think the book has helped me be more descriptive as a writer, on the other hand I hope to avoid being annoying. My brother wants me to write for our mutual friends zine. They want a video game review. Except I don't like to write so I've put it off. I honestly could help and write one. As useful as game reviews are I think they should get other material. If I write one though I'll post it here. I'm a mean review writer, not like GOOD, but I like to bash games flaws in the face.

Do you like the picture? I hear the Australians do! This picture might make its way around the world. I thought I'd show it to you and do some bragging! I participated in Northwests Urban Sports Club, Urban Golf event and shot pictures. If you visit Portland on the 20th of September come and play! I'll be shooting and teeing off again!

Since last time I've written I've also visited Oregon Zoo, Rose/Japanese Gardens and took an exciting first train ride back to Montana. First of all, many animals at the zoo are depressing, like this primate here. Second, everything else was awesome. My ex-girlfriends grandparents came to visit so we made a big group out of visiting the zoo and it was fun.

While visiting Montana I partied with several friends including this good looking dude Grant. I also hit up a car show, went kayaking down Flathead River and had a chance to see my nephews. I've uploaded a ton of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Did I miss anything seriously important? Send me an e-mail!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dodgeball, Rock & Roll, & Kids

Life is moving along in Portland.

I currently work for RecessTimeSports as their Gym Coordinator, soon to expand into other fields, I also work with Jeffrey 'Wonderful' in several upcoming projects including Chariots of Rubber (Rock Musical). You can find pictures of my work online or you can visit their site, ChariotsofRubber. With an abundance of people at your finger tips in Portland I hope to expand my photography schedule. I plan to write about my experiences working for RecesTimeSports and you can easily find a photo essay of Chariots of Rubber. Everyone is great, it's great to work with such out-going individuals. It has made me happy to work with them, what could go wrong with a job where you watch dodgeball for work?

I recently found LinkedIN, a social networking site for professionals in any field, and with my friend Junginitch we both made accounts. It should be interesting I recommend checking it out, add me as a contact!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Moving to Portland...

So the news is slowly leaking out, but I'm moving my headquarters to Portland. I Should be off in a few weeks and rock'n it down in P-Town. Funny thing I never knew as I previous Whitefish resident, both Portland and Whitefish have the nickname Stump Town. Each are closely related to the major forest clearing for developments. Another wonderful thing I'll like about Portland is that like here you can see Mount Hood in the distance calling my name. It may be unfortunate to know that snow conditions can be drastically worse but never the less they have an awesome lodge. Who doesn't want to go to a mountain just to chill and have a beer? Now I'm not proud of Oregon's ocean side, compared to other places I've been like the Bahamas, but its fair to be close to both a mountain and a beach. My wonderful lady is coming with me which I'm really excited about. She has been excited sense the moment I talked about it. Her passion for whales and an artistic attitude draw her to Portland like nothing else. I'll miss all my friends in Montana! It's been great living up here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bozeman and Back

I took a good trip lolly pop to visit my friends in Missoula yesterday and made my way to some fascinating sights. The Rockie Mountain Museum in Bozeman where we found a planetarium, dinosaur fossils, and much more. You can check out my pictures here!

Its one thing to watch Jeff Goldblum get chased by a pissed of dino in "Jurassic Park" and then go see an actual skull. Check out the size comparison of my thumb to one tooth of a T-Rex. I was pretty amazed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy New Years!!!

My new year resolution is to continue my old resolution which was mostly a success. The snow finally hit us and I've been sledding and out shoveling. It's great! I can't wait until Saturday for snowboarding. My nephews are here for various reasons so Natalie, her brothers and I took them sledding with us. We've been running around taking care of the little guys for a couple days now. I've been playing Excite Truck for the Wii and Animal Crossing (lol don't ask why). Maybe I'll have some new year chill'n pictures up later!

Celebrating at my friend's house!
UPDATE: Pictures here!!