Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dodgeball, Rock & Roll, & Kids

Life is moving along in Portland.

I currently work for RecessTimeSports as their Gym Coordinator, soon to expand into other fields, I also work with Jeffrey 'Wonderful' in several upcoming projects including Chariots of Rubber (Rock Musical). You can find pictures of my work online or you can visit their site, ChariotsofRubber. With an abundance of people at your finger tips in Portland I hope to expand my photography schedule. I plan to write about my experiences working for RecesTimeSports and you can easily find a photo essay of Chariots of Rubber. Everyone is great, it's great to work with such out-going individuals. It has made me happy to work with them, what could go wrong with a job where you watch dodgeball for work?

I recently found LinkedIN, a social networking site for professionals in any field, and with my friend Junginitch we both made accounts. It should be interesting I recommend checking it out, add me as a contact!!!