Monday, September 21, 2009

Future Party, Mush Ball, Oh My!

It's been a fun weekend. Mushball tournament, futuristic parties, kickball games, and playing with the fire at Radio Room.

Recestime hosted their first Mush Ball Tournament Saturday morning. A sport of a softball type game with a ball that is more or less wrapped in towels with a leather layer on the surface. Afterwards we hit up Ponderosa which turned into a bar hopping group kicked out of Dancing Bare (Awesome!), Kenton Club, and The Tavern Barn. Recesstime knows how to party!

That same night I jumped off the Recess crew to meet my friends for a Futuristic Party. DJ Chris Wu plays in the basement throwing down tunes that kept everyone in the groove. At least a 100 people, dressed in everything from plastic armor to crazy green hair and glow sticks, drank and danced while another band played on the 1st floor. Rap singers and a full band filled in the blanks in the house, I didn't find out who they were but we all enjoyed it. The top floor, very exclusive was a private bath and bedrooms I got a short tour from the hosts and took a beautiful picture of her and friend.

Following my own party I visited my infamous brother, whom I love, hanging out at his friend Eugene's new place for a house warming get-together.

Sunday Recesstime rocked the 2nd week of kickball, distributing the jerseys! Now the Fall season is in style sporting every color except for champion red. After the games we stopped into our sponsor bar, Radio Room, to played with the fire and talk cheers.

In the past, Recesstime threw down Dodge Ball, be sure to visit the dodge ball photo dump. Sorry pictures are only from Beaumont!

Happy Trails,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grad Party - Enchanted Forest

Barfly hosts an adventure for a graduation party. We traveled to the Enchanted Forest, where I apparently had visited when I was 2 or 3.

Click Here to see!!