Santa is about winter and so am I

I've grown up in Montana enduring the cold weather and several feet of snow on my front porch every winter morning. Now that I live in Portland the circumstance has changed and instead of being met by pounds of flaky snow I receive a breeze of cold air that sends chills to the bone. The best part is at this time snow is not abundant where I grew up but hand fulls can be reached in a few hours on Mount Hood. I can't wait to begin my outdoor adventures this winter. Not to mention my indoor adventures with Recesstime.

Anticon 2009
The Santa fest called 'Anticon' builded in NOPO after the downtown got squashed (sort of).

LSDND Halloween Edition
I have to admire LSDND those guys know how to rock. Be sure to check out Diamond Tuck in Portland also. They might explode when they play together.

Check out the new galleries online in 'Live Music' and parties.


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