Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Escape for the Sun over Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was amazing. Tracy and I traveled down to Redding California for two very lovable people. On the river front we witnessed the gathering of family and ceremony for their love. Of course back at their house we celebrated. Everyone brought bikes to the wedding and after the ceremony rode to the towns famous sun dial shaped bridge. When we returned for the reception we had the best pulled pork, I know I helped pull it!

On our way we stopped at Crater Lake and Mount Shasta. I've been wishing to see Crater Lake for some time. It was exciting to take a dip and find out whether the water was cold or not. I guess you'll just have to go find out for yourself. The surrounding area was filled with wild flowers and desert terrain. You have to see the blue of the lake yourself. It'll make you wish all of our lakes were as clear and pristine. Check out the album I've also post some video of couple fun cliff jumpers.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Backpacking and Wedding fun!

Sitting in front of a computer has become the hardest thing to do this summer.

Goals: Backpacking adventure... Check.

This adventure took me to the Olympic National Park and jumping down the Hoh Rain forest near the infamous Forks where they filmed Twilight. I can't wait to tell the kids about how I got to see the town and they didn't. Just kidding! Tracy and I tackled a good 15 miles up into the rain forest. We swam Elk Lake which to our surprise was nice and warm! You can camp very close to the water. We made a great spot off the river for camping. This summer gave us dry wood so making a fire wasn't a problem. It was a good thing to since Tracy's burner broke! I built a nice key hole to put the pot on and used hot coals to boil the water. Only word to describe is awesome ...+ man points.

Among other awesome'ness this summer. My amazing boss (not just saying amazing for brownie points) celebrated her marriage to Kim! I saved all the goody pictures for you. This was a great party and will be remembered for a VERY long time. Congratulations!

We have been graced with an awesome slew of sunny days. Today has been the first sign of clouds and rain. I can't forget to mention traffic in Portland is incredibly worse! I would have called smog but the forest fires to the south are showing their colors over Portland. I hope you are having an awesome summer. It's not over yet!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break in Portland

It looks like the clouds have finally cleared. Our sun has blessed the earth this week. I'm excited to get some rays not to mention take advantage of the weather! It's spring time. Time to start kickball sports, riding boards, shooting photos, reading outside and pull out the BBQ.