Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Backpacking and Wedding fun!

Sitting in front of a computer has become the hardest thing to do this summer.

Goals: Backpacking adventure... Check.

This adventure took me to the Olympic National Park and jumping down the Hoh Rain forest near the infamous Forks where they filmed Twilight. I can't wait to tell the kids about how I got to see the town and they didn't. Just kidding! Tracy and I tackled a good 15 miles up into the rain forest. We swam Elk Lake which to our surprise was nice and warm! You can camp very close to the water. We made a great spot off the river for camping. This summer gave us dry wood so making a fire wasn't a problem. It was a good thing to since Tracy's burner broke! I built a nice key hole to put the pot on and used hot coals to boil the water. Only word to describe is awesome ...+ man points.

Among other awesome'ness this summer. My amazing boss (not just saying amazing for brownie points) celebrated her marriage to Kim! I saved all the goody pictures for you. This was a great party and will be remembered for a VERY long time. Congratulations!

We have been graced with an awesome slew of sunny days. Today has been the first sign of clouds and rain. I can't forget to mention traffic in Portland is incredibly worse! I would have called smog but the forest fires to the south are showing their colors over Portland. I hope you are having an awesome summer. It's not over yet!