Saturday, January 29, 2011

Published On the Portland Mercury

Recesstime has helped me put my photographs on the cover of the Mercury this week! Officially my first time on the cover of a media publication in Portland. I've been working for Recesstime for over three years now. Other than the main photo man I also host several of the leagues. My official title, Sports Coordinator & Photographer, was created after many other titles didn't meet the description of all my responsibilities. Today you can find over 6000 photos of my work for Recesstime. Check it all out at

Our friends Christa & Neven celebrate with friends the coming of a new life! Tracy and Christa's due dates are close to each other. We are looking forward to our girls, Olive and Mirabella, to spend time together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Weekend

This weekend we took an adventure up to Wildwood Park in Welches OR. Despite the flooding and mass amount of rain fall we hiked around getting soaking wet. I bought a polarized filter by Rocketfish for my camera to play with. Dealing with rain can be difficult if you don't bring the right covers. I used a storm jacket cover for my camera to keep the weather away but that still doesn't stop the rain from dropping onto the lens. I recommend using a hood for extra protection. I wanted to stay light this trip but it probably would have helped to also bring a tripod :P

Before our adventure to Welches our friend Jaime & Eric celebrated the baby to arrive. Camrick Clark shot most of these pictures. It was awesome to get back together with friends and visit.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Break

So much has happened this break. Tracy and I went to Montana to visit the family for Christmas. We were hoping for a snow storm but didn't get one. The snow we had was awesome. Cross country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and kite flying were just a few of our activities. On December 27th top of the river waterfall that feeds Lake McDonald I asked Tracy to marry me and she said, "Of Course."

After Christmas we returned to Portland and celebrated New Years with all of our friends. We jumped into a pizza party at the house creating some tasty delights. A few of us went to the Norse Hall to dance the New Years on. They had hundreds of dancers and we did everything from Waltz to Blues. We ran to the Boiler Room at the Kennedy School before bar time to meet with friends again where they seemed to be not finished counting down. I think we counted down two or three more times between yelling a song I didn't know.

I wish everyone a Happy New Years. Good luck to all your ventures!

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