Behind; but back again with more pics!

I took a bit of an absences for several months. After wrapping up work to start summer and just returning from Spain I have a great deal to share. Before I dive into Spain pictures because I'm not ready to share I had a great adventure up Beacon Rock with the family. This criss cross hike and awesome looking rock climbing location will be returned to very soon. At the beginning you quickly find out why people rock climb this area. With it's steep incline you can catch easy and difficult spots to navigate. The hike is rather easy and we saw tons of kids. At the top we we're rewarded with a great view of Columbia. Remember to click the picture to take you to a gallery of photos.

We made a visit to Wisconsin, Tracy's home town, I especially enjoyed the art gallery on the water. Designed to mimic a ships sails. Awesome.

Before our trip to Spain we went to our friends Susie & Lauren's wedding. I snapped a few shots of family, friends and fire eating. You know, the usual things at weddings.

Speaking of Fire; Corinne's Birthday was a blast and hot.

You'll have to be patient for the Spain pictures but until then I've been hosting a gallery for my daughter Mirabella. You'll see new photos here every once in awhile. Be sure to come back to this gallery often.

Thanks for letting me share all my adventures I hope you enjoy the photos. If you want copies of any of these pictures please e-mail me or use the BUY feature to purchase prints etc.


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