Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goodbye Fall Season

This Fall season just flew by. Recesstime Sports had their End of Season party at Hawthorne Theatre for the first time, Keen throws down the annual company party, and a little known nature reserve is explored.

KEEN Party
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I've been part of Recesstime Sport's crew for almost 4 years now. This group has helped support many outside gigs including KEEN Footwear. Check out how this staff enjoys the Fall season. If you're a KEEN member you can also order prints online here if I happened to capture your mug shot. 

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Right around the corner of Portland is many great places to see nature and it's many features. Here in West Linn we explored an area made famous by a bear sighting that didn't actually happen. Otherwise this location is kept on the down low and we hope to keep traffic down to preserve it's integrity. Mirabella, Monique and I get out this brisk day to see what it's all about. We walked into a gentleman, Fred, who helps with 16 others maintain this beautiful area.

The Roost - White Dog Construction
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Roost is the name of a modern built restaurant constructed by White Dog. This location features fantastic wood accents, wine racks and a kitchen with a large sliding door. You can hang your hipster jacket anywhere along the giant artwork that stretches almost the entire east wall. You can find Roost on Belmont & 14th Ave.

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Last weekend Recesstime's fall kickball season ends for 2011. The glory goes to Reignmakers in the Kennedy Cup and Rikickulous for Hosford Cup. Serious pictures of this nail biting tournament can be found here!