Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NE Portland Garden Workshop (playing with Vine)

I've been playing with Vine. I have no followers yet! Its fun to create the short clips. I was trying to share it with someone who doesn't have vine though. Where is the link? This is the best I could do on short notice. Follow me on Vine for other...stuff.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snowball 8

This weekend was full of something completly different than what it was like 3 years ago. Snowball # is an annual event hosted by our friends created to bring the group together and have a good time. Its both a relaxing and adventurous weekend up on the mountain. Let's just say the rules of relaxing/adventurous dramatically change when most your friends now have kids. Despite the change we endured the luxuries of Government Camp and Mount Hood including the local watering holes. We proved that we can be ourselves. This is especially important to me because of how our relationships change with our friends.

Click Photo for Full Gallery - PSW: derek
I have to give my appreciation and love out to the fellow parents who I felt had an awesome connection with both in parenting style and passion for adventure. You will find some past Snowball pictures in this gallery soon to see the difference we have made. I wish I had taken more pictures of our pub crawl and game nights but there is always next year. I hope to everyone sooner than that though!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday breakthroughs and goodbyes

I spent a few days this Holiday break building a ski trailer to avoid the costly REI $275 conversion kit. Some manual labor and thirty dollars later my dad and I built our own conversion kit. Pictured below is my partner pulling the weight (she volunteered! I'm not making her do the work). Check out the cool reindeer headband! This was a fun and quick project. We got the inspiration from OutsideMom.com which I recommend following if you are an outdoorsy family type. They have instructions on how to build your own I took some of there suggestions like using PVC pipe instead of metal. So build your own!

Check out the full details at my web album.
Google+ Web Photos Bike to Ski Trailer

We reluctantly had to say goodbye to our second exchange student Ichitaru. He went back to Japan mid December. We wish him luck with his voice acting career and hope to see a movie with his voice over! Ichi made an impression on our kid who would constantly yell his name, "ICHI!" and he would reply, "Nani" which means 'what' in Japanese. This was the most hilarious thing for about the 100th time and sort of wore off with everyone except our kid.

Click photo to view the web album via Smugmug
We have gone into a new social world this month when trying to get inspiration for wedding stuff. Of course I've turned our Pinterest account into a project idea account for stuff not pertaining to our wedding. Check out how clearly I want my egress window built if you so desire. We love pinterest though. I feel like this tool is very handy when talking to contractors or engineers so they know what I'm interested in. I otherwise do the drawings myself but use pinterest to build a catalog of my inspiration.