Snowball 8

This weekend was full of something completly different than what it was like 3 years ago. Snowball # is an annual event hosted by our friends created to bring the group together and have a good time. Its both a relaxing and adventurous weekend up on the mountain. Let's just say the rules of relaxing/adventurous dramatically change when most your friends now have kids. Despite the change we endured the luxuries of Government Camp and Mount Hood including the local watering holes. We proved that we can be ourselves. This is especially important to me because of how our relationships change with our friends.
Click Photo for Full Gallery - PSW: derek
I have to give my appreciation and love out to the fellow parents who I felt had an awesome connection with both in parenting style and passion for adventure. You will find some past Snowball pictures in this gallery soon to see the difference we have made. I wish I had taken more pictures of our pub crawl and game nights but there is always next year. I hope to everyone sooner than that though!


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